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“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” -Chinese proverb



PACKAGE RATES (Packs of 4, 6 and 8)

30 minutes/$44     $1.46/minute         PURCHASE NOW

45 minutes/$59     $1.31/minute         PURCHASE NOW

60 minutes/$69     $1.15/minute         PURCHASE NOW

75 minutes/$84     $1.12/minute         PURCHASE NOW

90 minutes/$94     $1.044/minute       PURCHASE NOW

105 minutes/$109  $1.038/minute       PURCHASE NOW

120 minutes/$124  $1.033/minute       PURCHASE NOW


30 minutes/$49     $1.63/minute      PURCHASE NOW

45 minutes/$64     $1.42/minute      PURCHASE NOW

60 minutes/$74     $1.23/minute      PURCHASE NOW

75 minutes/$89     $1.18/minute      PURCHASE NOW

90 minutes/$99     $1.10/minute      PURCHASE NOW

105 minutes/$114  $1.08/minute      PURCHASE NOW

120 minutes/$129  $1.07/minute      PURCHASE NOW



*All motor vehicle accidents (MVA/PIP) accepted.

*Gift certificate prices are the same as listed above.

**50% off next massage when you refer someone.

**FREE 15 MINUTES or $15 massage credit during your birthday month (remind me!)

-Cancellation must occur 24 hours prior to your massage to avoid payment.

~Flow is an essential aspect of health. When stagnation occurs and blockages prevail, innate healing mechanisms fracture.  My sessions seek to re-connect your body with its intrinsic health and restore its optimal functioning.

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  • 503-806-9680 ~ Peter Gold Massage ~ e-mail
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